Atheist Revolution's Health Care Plan

I was sick last weekend, and I'm still feeling lousy. I have no energy and feel like I could sleep all the time. If I'm not feeling any better by this afternoon, I'll probably have to visit the doctor. I've just been holding off because of the expense. You see, I recently opted out of my employer-paid medical plan for a free one with much better benefits. The new plan does not even require me to visit health care providers. All I have to do is pray.

Health care will be a big issue in the 2008 U.S. election. Given that the United States is the only Western democracy without universal health care, it should be a big issue. While Obama promises universal health care, McCain seems satisfied with the quality of our current health care system, a system ranked 37th by the World Health Organization.

I propose a two-tiered system of universal health care for the United States which would be far less expensive than anything the Democratic Party has in mind. Under my plan, atheists would receive health care at government expense just like what everyone receives in the counties with the highest quality health care systems. Christians and believers of other absurdities would automatically be placed on the Prayer Care Plan. This plan would not cost the government (or anyone else) anything at all. When believers got sick, they would pray for recovery. It's really that simple.

Of course, any participant of the Prayer Care Plan could switch to the secular version and receive actual health care whenever they decided to abandon their ridiculous faith. Of course, I suspect few would switch. After all, prayer is a great cure for all ailments. (Cough, cough!) I'm feeling better already.