June 15, 2008

Do Your Friends Think You're Going to Hell?

pure sweet hellCould you maintain a friendship with a Christian who thought you would end up in hell? I realize you don't believe in hell, but would this make it an easier for you to deal with your friend's belief? I am not sure whether I'd be able to maintain such a friendship. Even if the Christian did not talk about it often, my knowing they believed it would be a problem. In the end, I don't think I'd be willing to maintain such a friendship. How about you?

Hell is one part of Christian doctrine that few Christians like to discuss. I can't say I blame them. Reconciling a loving god with everlasting hell can't be easy. Those who would describe themselves as liberal or progressive Christians often seem to ignore it completely. I suspect some actually reject this part of their doctrine. Good for them! It is certainly a start.

Given what hell is supposed to be, I think I would have some trouble maintaining a relationship with someone who was convinced I was going there. I'd have a difficult time trusting them or imagining that interest whatsoever in my well-being. I imagine I'd also have some difficulty wanting to be friends with the sort of person capable of believing in hell.

The fact that I do not believe in heaven, hell, gods, souls, spirits, and the like would make little difference. Frankly, I'd be baffled as to why a Christian would want to be friends with someone bound for hell. However, I think I'd be fairly clear that I'd have little desire to maintain a relationship with them.

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