May 23, 2008

Resources For Christian Living

I had to go to the mall recently - one of my least favorite tasks - to pick up a couple new pairs of slacks for work. Even if I can't always act professional, I should at least look the part. As I am leaving the parking lot, I noticed a Christian store. I cannot recall the name of the store, but right under the name in the same lit lettering was the phrase "Resources for Christian Living." The whole way home, I found myself wondering what this meant and what sort of resources would be required for "Christian living."

I assume this was a Christian bookstore. My town is filled with them. While the subtitle struck me as a bit odd, I suppose their intended audience would know what they meant.

I've been inside a couple of Christian bookstores before, and I know that they sell more than just books. The last one I was in was a lot like one of the larger Hallmark stores with a decidedly Christian theme. Perhaps "Resources for Christian Living" is actually more descriptive than calling themselves a bookstore would have been.

Judging by the sort of merchandise one finds in these stores, it seems that the sort of resources they are referring to are those designed to remind one that one is a Christian. More than that, these stores help Christians immerse themselves in the trappings of their religion. They are like combination bookstores and gift shops where everything is about Christianity. Anything one might need to be reminded of one's Christianity or to share it with others can be found in such stores.

If you haven't ever visited one, you might consider doing so just for the cultural experience. If nothing else, it will remind you that Christianity, regardless of whatever else it is, is a big business.

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