Christian Homeschooling is About Indoctrination

Just so there is no doubt that homeschooling is about indoctrination for many Christian parents, I refer you to this report on Christian Newswire. The article reveals that one of the core motives for Christian parents who homeschool their children is the modification of their attitudes toward abortion. Disgusted yet? You will be.

The title of the article, "Considering Homeschooling: Christians Can Help Stop Abortion," leaves little to the imagination about what is going on here. Just in case it still strikes you as somewhat ambiguous, the tagline should clear things up even more: "Home education is a deterrent to abortion and a way to boost pro-life activism." Pretty clear, isn't it?

How silly I was to think that homeschooling was about education, even among Christian parents who might not appreciate some aspects of secular public education. It is not. Instead, it is about the indoctrination of one's children into the Christian worldview. According to Charles Lowers, Director of Considering Homeschooling, Christian parents are urged "to see home education as a powerful tool to deter abortions in their own families, and as an excellent means to raise up leaders with a strong life ethic."

Deciding to homeschool one's own children is one thing, but why would someone care so much about whether other parents did the same that they would form a "nationwide homeschool recruitment group?" Evidently, homeschooling is viewed as a means of eliminating female reproductive freedom. You see, without homeschooling, our nation's children are "immersed in the public school culture of death."

Most Christians still enroll their children in government schools despite evolution in the textbooks, Planned Parenthood as guest speakers, school based sex clinics giving out birth control and promiscuous peers. Believers are risking the lives of the next generation by sending their children to such a place.

Interesting. This statement clearly implies that most Christians do not accept evolution and oppose a woman's right to make health care decisions. What is a poor, persecuted believer to do? Fortunately, it is actually quite simple.

Believers who can create a safe, loving home should have or adopt as many children as possible and homeschool them.

As many children as possible. Man, you'd think they were trying to build an army or something!