November 6, 2006

Vote For Me, I'm Christian

With midterm elections around the corner, I have been getting flooded with campaign material for local candidates for school board, various judgeships, and other local offices. One thing these materials have in common is that they all flaunt the Christian credentials of the person running for office.

From reading these materials, I learned that one for school board candidate has an MBA from a local Baptist college, is "conservative on discipline issues," and is a member of the largest Baptist church in town. A candidate for circuit court judge attended this same Baptist college and is a member of another Baptist church in the community.

This is a transparent strategy to convince voters that they should vote for someone because he or she is one of them, a believer. I'm much more interested to learn where candidates stand on relevant issues and the scope of their professional experience. Since the school board candidates do not provide any information about their stance on evolution or prayer in school, it is hard to know who deserves my vote. I have to conclude that their need to flaunt their religious beliefs is a bad sign. Thus, I plan to reward the few candidates who do not do this with my support.

These midterm elections are important for America. I am convinced that the Democrats are the lesser of two evils and would very much like to see them retake Congress. I've never been a single-issue voter, but it generally seems that Democrats are more interested in preserving church-state separation. This is important to me, even if it is not the only issue on which I compare candidates.

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