November 3, 2006

Puzzling Christian Litter

You may remember how I feel about Christian litter from a previous post on the subject. The idea of Christians covering public places with propaganda fliers sickens me both because their message is usually so absurd and because their fliers always end up littering the ground around wherever they distribute them. Can't they spread there nonsense without polluting the environment?

Last week was a tough week at work for a variety of reasons not relevant to this post. Let's just say that I wasn't in the best of moods as I walked to the parking lot one day last week much later than I had planned to leave. I climbed into my car, put on the seat belt, and started out of the parking lot. As I left the lot, I noticed something on my windshield that had somehow escaped my attention earlier. There was a line of florescent green paper under one of my windshield wipers. It was not convenient to pull over, and the paper didn't look like it was going anywhere, so I kept going.

For some reason, I decided that the paper must be a flier for a new restaurant. Many new ones have been opening lately, and I just figured that was what it must be. I made it home with the flier still securely under my wiper. It was an 8.5 x 11 sheet of florescent green paper with the following printed on one side in a very large font:

"Stop, look, and listen
God is trying to get your attention!"

There I stood in my garage looking at these words and trying to comprehend why anyone would have put them on my car. You see, this was all that was on the paper. The back was blank, and the front contained nothing else. No church names, no phone numbers to call for information, nothing! What was the meaning of this? Was this silly phrase supposed to convert me? Since there was no contact information, how would whoever left this on my car know if their words let me to discover Jee-zuhs?

I want to meet the person who left this on my car. No, not to hurt them. I want to probe their mind, learn their goals, and attempt to understand how this flier was supposed to accomplish these goals. Did someone really believe that this would bring me closer to their god, whichever god that might be?

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