Blogs Focusing Mostly on Atheism, Secularism, and Closely Related Topics

About Agnosticism/Atheism
An Apostate's Chapel
Atheism And The City
Background Probability 
Conservative Skeptic
Cubik's Rube
Deity Shmeity
Deep Thoughts
Exercise in Futility
The Freethinker
Friendly Atheist
Godless in Dixie
Hausdorff's Bible Blog
Laughing in Purgatory
The Lucky Atheist
The Morning Heresy
My Secret Atheist Blog
No Forbidden Questions
One Furious Llama
The Ramblings of Sheldon
Rock Beyond Belief
Skeptically Left 
Southern Skeptic 
Spanish Inquisitor
Towards a Rational America and an Enlightened Judaism

Blogs Focusing Mostly on Skepticism and Science

Doubtful News
Why Evolution is True 

Political Blogs That Regularly Address Religion and Church-State Issues

Library Grape

Assorted Blogs That Address Atheism Along With Many Other Subjects

…and now for something completely different

Other Blogs I Write

Mississippi Atheists
Revolutionary Atheist


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