July 7, 2013

Tired of Jesus

Jesus tattoo
Photo by Shannon Archuleta
Dear Christians,

Have you ever had the experience of getting so incredibly tired of hearing about something you weren't interested in that it made you want to scream? Maybe it is that annoying co-worker who keeps telling you how you are missing out by not watching a TV show he or she likes. As if you don't have anything better to do with your time! Maybe it is that awful song from a children's cartoon that one of your kids has stuck in his or her head and keeps repeating. Or maybe it is one of those trivially stupid Internet memes you just wish would go away. The point is, you have had this experience. I know you have. I think we all have.

So here's the thing…this is how many non-Christians feel about Jesus. We don't hate him or anything. Some of us aren't sure he existed at all; others find him largely irrelevant to our lives. We also don't hate you for thinking he's the greatest thing ever. We are just incredibly tired of hearing about him.

We know you want to talk about Jesus, but you aren't telling us anything new. We have heard it all before more times than we can count. We know all the stories. Many of us have taken the time to read your bible. Some of us even spent a decade or more of our lives as Christians, believing many of the same things you do now. But we moved on. Now we are just tired of hearing about Jesus. Is this really so difficult to understand? It shouldn't be. We aren't buying what you are selling.

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