July 4, 2010

A 4th of July Tradition I Can Support

Godless AmericaAs many blogs have posted some sort of content about the Fourth of July (American Independence Day) this week, I have ran across one fascinating tradition some people have adopted as part of their celebration. I don't know who to credit with the idea because I have seen it multiple times. But you know what? I think I finally found a way to celebrate the holiday that makes sense to me and one I can support.

The idea is quite simple, and I am surprised I hadn't thought of it before: Devote some time on the 4th to reading some of the classic documents of American history. Not the revisionist garbage being swallowed by Christian extremists like Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), but the original material. There are so many good ones to choose from, but I think I'll start with these:
There is much the Christian right does not want you to know about American history. Fortunately, the information is out there and can be accessed with little effort.

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