April 13, 2010

Rational Christianity

1183038489014.jpgI have often thought of atheism as the logical outcome of rationality applied to the question of gods. But is there any way in which we could conceive of a rational Christianity? That is, could one arrive at Christianity through rational means?

Intuitively, this seems quite unlikely. Christianity is based on faith (i.e., belief in the absence of evidence), and we know faith is inherently irrational. But could someone arrive at Christianity with no faith whatsoever? Is it at least possible to imagine a Christianity without any sort of faith?

No matter how much we strive for rationality, we all have irrational beliefs. We all make mistakes. We all follow false leads at times and end up convinced of things that simply aren't true. What if a Christian genuinely (albeit mistakenly) believed that he or she had sufficient evidence of some sort of god? This person would be wrong, but would it at least be possible to imagine such a form of Christianity that was entirely void of faith?

I'm not sure. I have a very difficult time imagining what it would look like or how someone would reach god conclusions without faith, but I'm not ready to say it is categorically impossible. What do you think?

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