March 23, 2017

The Key Health Care Question: Is It a Right or a Privilege?

Not everyone appreciated my recent bit of snark around how to do universal health care on the cheap. Perhaps health care is one of those issues that is just too important for weak attempts at humor. Even though that post was more about prayer than it was about health care, I recognize that tempers are running high right now around the health care topic, and I can certainly appreciate that. It feels like a great deal is now at stake when it comes to health care in the United States because...a great deal is now at stake. We're looking at the very real possibility of several million people losing their health insurance and devastating cuts to Medicare. I don't know about you, but I am not going to be able to afford to cover the health care costs of aging family members. When it comes to much of what is contained in the current version of the American Health Care Act, the picture is grim.

As far as health care is concerned, I believe that the key question over which we ought to be wrestling as a society right now is whether access to quality health care is a right or a privilege. And yes, I suppose that I should clarify that by "access," I mean access to affordable quality health care. I have access to a Lamborghini in the sense that someone would probably be willing to sell me one; however, this does me no good since I'll never be able to afford one.

March 22, 2017

A New Blog Focusing on Scientific Literacy

science is beautiful

Are you sad because many of your favorite atheist-oriented blogs have closed up shop and you aren't sure what else to do with your free time? Do you find some of the science-related blogs written by career scientists a little too dense and/or long-winded? Are you interested in helping to spread scientific literacy with an atheist flavor?

March 21, 2017

Fact Checking Resources

fake news
It seems like "fake news" is everywhere these days, along with questionable stories from extremely biased websites that churn out click-bait. Perhaps this is the inevitable consequences of most web-based advertising. Or maybe this stuff has always been out there and we are just getting better at noticing it.

For those of us who would like to avoid such sources, some of the lists of biased and/or untrustworthy sites may be a helpful place to start (here's an example). But just because a site has a bad reputation for bias or misinformation does not mean that they do not occasionally report something accurate. And of course, even the reputable sites sometimes get things wrong. To be good skeptics, we need a way of checking individual stories to determine whether they are accurate before we share them with others on social media.

March 18, 2017

Uniting Atheists in Support of Secular Activism

Minnesota women's march against Donald Trump

Secular activist, Lee Moore, recently posted "a letter to the atheist community" on Facebook. I'm friends with him on Facebook, so I was able to see the letter. I have since been told that no one who is not friends with him is able to see it because of the way he posted it. I don't understand Facebook well enough to verify this for myself, but that's why I did not try to link to it here. Essentially, Lee calls on atheists to end "the constant internal attacks" and come together to support secular activism.
So lets put aside our petty differences and unite like never before to push back these dark days. As I said in the beginning, I am guilty of attacking my fellow godless allies. No more, I pledge to do everything in my power to pull us back together and I hope you do the same.
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