Catch Up on Your Reading: Atheist Revolution's Most Popular Posts of 2022

2022 across the road

What is your evaluation of 2022 as compared to other years? Was it better than most, worse than most, or the same? I don't find this an easy question to answer. Some things were better, and some were worse. There were disappointments and pleasant surprises along the way. Sounds like a typical year, doesn't it?

If I had to appraise the year as a whole, I'd say it was somewhat better than 2021, but that's as far as I'd go. Like every other year, it brought some changes for me. As far as Atheist Revolution, I suppose there were two worth mentioning.

The Revolution Comes to Medium

2022 was the year I started writing on Medium. I joined in February of 2022, and I am still at it. I share many of the posts I write here on Medium, which helps them find a new audience. I have enjoyed interacting with readers who are encountering many of these topics for the first time. I recently had one tell me that she had no idea what Christian nationalism was and is now following it. That was great to hear!

Medium has also provided me with an ideal place to write original content that doesn't fit this blog. I'm not going to pretend that I haven't written any off-topic posts here in 2022. But if I wasn't writing on Medium, you'd have seen lots more of them than you have. This has been one of the most pleasant surprises about the platform. It seems that there is some audience for almost any type of writing.

Of course, no mention of Medium would be complete without saying something about the community. I have a hard time describing what the full experience is like. Medium reminds me of a cross between a massive blog network and a social media platform. Other members are one's main audience, and most of them are writers. I found that intimidating at the start. Now, I find it more inspiring than anything else. Most of the members are supportive and engaged. Despite some glitches along the way, it has been a great experience.

Rise of the Mastodon

In the world of social media, 2022 was the year of Twitter. It dominated the news after a Bond villain took it over and ran it into the ground. Many have left the platform. Most of those who maintain a presence there are ambivalent about doing so. I count myself among them. I've been much less active there and expect this to continue.

I wasn't sure I needed an alternative platform, and I'm still not. That said, Mastodon has exceeded the expectations I had for it. It isn't a Twitter replacement. Those looking for something that feels like Twitter won't be happy. It isn't trying to replace Twitter; it aims to offer something better. I find that it is better than Twitter in most of the ways that matter to me.

How so? It has a very different culture. I'd describe it as more respectful and less antagonistic. It strikes me as more humanistic, though I'm sure that has a lot to do with who I follow. If I wanted to broadcast content without interaction or pick fights with others, I'd use Twitter. If I'm looking for engagement, I'll take Mastodon.

Most Popular Posts of 2022

As 2022, draws to a close, I wanted to share the most popular Atheist Revolution posts written during 2022:

  1. Stop Claiming Your Religion Makes You a Better Person and Show Us
  2. Harmful Beliefs Deserve No Respect Even When Justified By Religion
  3. Discriminating Against Atheists in Missouri: A Case of Christian Privilege
  4. What Horror Awaits Atheists in a Christian Nation?
  5. Why Does an Atheist Care What Religious People Believe?
  6. How Much Blame Do Ordinary Christians Deserve for Christian Nationalism?
  7. Reaching Out to Those Reluctant to Adopt the Atheism Label
  8. A Thriving Secular Humanism Would Be More Valuable Than Atheism
  9. Naked Blog Posts and Why I Might Prefer Them
  10. Want to End Christian Privilege? Reject the 'Fake Christian' Narrative

To generate this list, I used Google Analytics to sort all posts written during 2022 by pageviews. This is the same method I've chosen for the last several years.

I appreciate you being part of Atheist Revolution. Happy New Year, and here's to a positive 2023!

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay