October 18, 2018

Some Possible Democratic Candidates for 2020

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If you were thinking of running for president as a Democrat in 2020, you would probably be encouraged by recent polls showing that the race looks fairly open despite Joe Biden's lead over other possible candidates. Biden clearly has some solid support among voters, but the numbers do not make it look like he has anything locked up. Hopefully, the mainstream news media will not begin referring to him as "the presumptive nominee" just yet! There is still room for you to enter the race and make an impact.

What should those of us who are not thinking of running for president but would like to see a Democrat win in 2020 make of these numbers? Probably not much. I think it is understandable that some will be disappointed that their personal pick does not have more support or that someone they don't like has as much support as he or she does. Fortunately, there is still time for these numbers to shift around and for new candidates to emerge. It is far too early to think that these numbers will be an accurate reflection of who runs or what kind of support potential candidates may have as we approach 2020.

I see some names on this list I'd prefer to eliminate, but that's because I don't imagine them being competitive in a general election and not because I think they'd be worse than Trump. I also see some names on the list that I would have an easy time supporting, although I have to admit that there are not as many of them as I'd like. What I find most interesting about the names on the list is that they seem to be a fairly good mix of old and new. Some have been around forever (or longer); some are younger and may be better able to represent future directions of the party. This mix likely reflects some of the conflict taking place within the Democratic Party.

I hope we end up with more candidates in the Democratic primary than we had last time. It would not surprise me to see the contest come down to another battle between the establishment wing of the party and the more progressive wing of the party. But obviously, that will depend on who decides to run and whether anyone is capable of assembling an effective coalition on the left.

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