October 2, 2018

October Blogging at Atheist Revolution

row of pumpkins next to flowers
A few days before the beginning of October, I found myself with the vague notion of "I want to do something different this October." My first thought involved taking the entire month off from blogging so that I'd have more time to immerse myself in something else. I quickly dismissed that idea because I knew I'd never be able to do it. I've been writing Atheist Revolution since 2005, and I don't think I've even been able to take two weeks off in that time, much less a month. Besides, I didn't have any good ideas about the "something else" in which I'd be immersing myself, and that meant it would end up being work. No thanks!

Then I thought maybe I'd indulge my love of horror movies by posting nothing but reviews of horror films during the month of October. I quickly decided that this was a bad idea too. Something would happen during the month that I'd want to write about. It is also hard to know in advance how much time I'm likely to have to devote to watching movies. Announcing I was going to write a bunch of horror reviews and then not being able to stick with it seemed like too much of a risk, especially since I do not anticipate having the same opportunity to watch movies I have had during recent Octobers.

My final idea was to make an effort incorporate as many horror and/or Halloween-related themes into my posts as I could during October. It wasn't that every post would have to be explicitly focused on these topics, but I'd look for opportunities to infuse some of it where possible. This shouldn't be too hard considering the overlap between "spooky" topics and the criticism of religious belief or skepticism. I do like that idea, and I may try to do it. I probably won't try to do it consistently throughout all of October though. I think I am just too much a fan of flexibility when it comes to blogging.

And so, I think what I'll try to do this October is to look for opportunities to address the usual topics (e.g., atheism, skepticism) in ways that incorporate some of the Halloween-related themes I enjoy so much and write at least a few horror-related posts. What I probably won't do is try to limit myself to this sort of content. I think that seems like a reasonable compromise. That way, I can give you an idea of what to expect without committing myself to do something I might not be able to pull off.

Anyway, happy October! I have been waiting a year for it to get here, and I'm glad it has finally arrived.