September 30, 2018

The Devil's Triangle

Bermuda Triangle
I drank quite a bit during high school and college. Not surprisingly, most of my friends at the time did as well. It was not at all uncommon for us to drink to the point of passing out. We never mistook this for "falling asleep" because it was an entirely different experience. It was also not uncommon for us to drink to the point of blacking out (i.e., not remembering anything that happened during a period of time when we were still functioning). This could be scary at times, especially the handful of times when someone drove home and did not remember doing so. Strangely, none of us were ever accused of sexual assault for anything we did during these episodes.

Drinking games were not very popular when I was in high school, and I attribute this mostly to the fact that we were usually outdoors in the dark when we were drinking. The legal drinking age was 21, and we were far from 21. By doing it outside in the dark, it was easier to elude the police. That changed in college where more drinking took place indoors. I don't recall any drinking games "like quarters," but I certainly remember quarters. It had been around forever, and I never heard anybody call it anything other than that.

As for "the devil's triangle," I recall two distinct meanings of the phrase. One was a reference to the Bermuda Triangle, and the other was a reference to a threesome involving two men and a woman. I didn't have much interest in either. I had been quite fascinated with the Bermuda Triangle when I was a child. I'd even credit this interest with one of my first exposures to skepticism. But by the time I was in college, my interest in skepticism was aimed more at religion than assorted mysteries. As for threesomes, I was more interested in those involving two women and I. Maybe that was because I was heterosexual and not attracted to any of my close male friends.

Fortunately, I don't expect I'll ever be in a position to testify before Congress.