August 23, 2018

Which Days of the Week to Post to Your Atheist Blog

days of the week
When I first started blogging, I posted whatever I wrote moments after finishing it. I rarely wrote anything ahead of time, and I did not give any thought to the timing of my posts (i.e., whether I might be more successful if I posted on certain days or at certain times of day). I gradually noticed that the posts I wrote on certain days of the week usually performed better than those I wrote on other days, and this led me to do some investigation.

One recommendation I encountered on a number of the pro blogging sites I used to read was to analyze my traffic based on day of the week and see if there were any clear patterns. I did so, and there were. My blog had quite a bit more traffic on some days of the week than others. Sunday was by far the most popular day, with almost twice the traffic as any other day. Saturday and Monday tended to trade places for least popular. Saturday was usually the worst.

I just pulled up this report in Google Analytics to see what the last 30 days looked like. Saturday and Monday still have the lowest traffic, and Sunday still has the highest traffic. It appears that little has changed. This is the sort of thing that might vary from blog-to-blog, so I'd encourage you to look at your own numbers instead of assuming that they will mirror mine.

The question for bloggers is what to do with this sort of information. Assuming you aren't posting 7 days a week, the most obvious course of action would seem to be to skip the days where traffic to your blog tends to be lowest. For me, that would mean not bothering to post on Saturdays or Mondays. If I was shooting for three posts a week, it might make sense for me to make sure my posts go out on my three highest traffic days starting on Sundays. I did this for a while, but I did such a lousy job with tracking it that I was never sure whether it helped or not.

These days, I am less worried about trying to post on certain days because I have found that distributing content across social media complicates the picture considerably. Each of my social media accounts seems to have different days of the week where there are more active users. Thus, I might post on a Saturday and distribute the post via Facebook on the following Sunday. That quickly becomes messy to track.

Here's what I would suggest for the average atheist blogger looking to maximize his or her traffic per post:
  • Use Google Analytics to create a report in which you can see traffic to your blog by day of the week (learn how to do it here).
  • If you have clear differences in traffic by day of the week, consider using this information to determine which days of the week are more or less important to post.
  • Recognize that the days of the week on which your blog receives the most (or least) traffic will rarely correspond to how various social media platforms perform. This is why scheduling your social media distribution instead of having it go out automatically as soon as you post your blog post is often helpful.
The last thing I should mention is the possibility that at least some of this might fall into the self-fulfilling prophecy category. If I never post on Saturdays, that might be why my blog usually has less traffic on Saturday than any other day. In my case, I don't think this is likely to be happening because I used to post on Saturdays and the numbers were the same. Still, this is something worth considering.