June 26, 2018

If It Can Happen in Texas...

Texas barn 
"If it could happen there, it could happen anywhere." That was the first thought I had when I saw this story in The Texas Observer about a growing secular movement in Texas politics. It would be remarkable enough if this was just some sort of tiny grassroots effort to preserve the separation of church and state in Texas, but it sounds much bigger than that. Note the reference to "a standing-room-only crowd" at Sarah Levin's presentation at the Texas Democratic Party Convention.

As unlikely as it may seem, there is now a Secular Caucus in the Texas Democratic Party. And not only that, but it seems to be attracting delegates. If that continues, it will become increasingly difficult for those running for office in Texas to ignore this portion of their constituency. I think this is fantastic news. If it can happen in Texas...

My hope - and I recognize that this will probably seem far-fetched even when compared to this news out of Texas - is that efforts like this will spread. What is happening in Texas can serve as a model for many other states where similar efforts are needed. We need similar efforts in Mississippi, and I'm sure we are not alone. My guess is that most of the "bible belt" states need this.

Since I've been writing a bit more about politics recently, I'd also like to mention that I'd welcome efforts to promote secularism in all political parties. It does not surprise me that we'd be more likely to see them start on the left, but it would be great to see a Secular Caucus emerge in a state's Republican Party too.