Jesus Found in North Carolina Pizza Hut

Stories like this one out of North Carolina piss me off. A man breaks into a Pizza Hut restaurant and then calls 911 claiming to be Jesus Christ. And it isn't even Easter yet! Okay, so here's the part that pisses me off: everyone, including Christians, quickly dismisses him. How can they be so sure he isn't Jesus? Yes, I know that the comment about having schizophrenia might have something to do with it, but how do we know the Jesus character described in the New Testament didn't have schizophrenia too. Seems like it might explain some things.

Christians have been insisting that Jesus is coming back any day now for as long as there have been Christians. It seems like they would welcome news of his return. But every time someone emerges claiming to be Jesus, they quickly dismiss him. I don't get it. Shouldn't they be eager to welcome their messiah?

Maybe the next time someone breaks into the local Pizza Hut and tells the 911 dispatcher he's Jesus Christ, you Christians should at least go talk to him before passing judgment. I mean, you do still want us to believe that's he's coming back, right? And you'd feel pretty stupid if he turned out to be Jesus, wouldn't you?