March 10, 2018

I Have Little Interest in YouTube

YoutubeI know I am atypical, unusual, or just plain weird in many respects. I have grown increasingly comfortable with this fact over the years, and it no longer bothers me the way it once did. I suspect that my experience of living as an atheist in one of the most religious regions of the U.S. has helped, as I have had lots of experience feeling like an outsider. And so, I know it is strange that I, an atheist who is active online, would have so little interest in viewing atheist-related content on YouTube.

People send me links to YouTube videos all the time. I don't blame them for doing so. There is quite a bit of atheist-oriented content there, and more than a few atheist bloggers are active on YouTube. I almost never watch these clips. I just don't have much interest in the video format for this sort of content.

I don't have anything against YouTube. I used to watch The Rubin Report fairly often, and I did enjoy watching some of Anthony Magnabosco's street epistemology videos. These days, I watch lots of car review videos there (probably at least 10/week). And once in a while, I watch the interviews on Joe Rogan's channel (i.e., The Joe Rogan Experience). That's about it. I don't spend much time on YouTube, and the time I spend there is rarely allocated to atheist-related content.

When it comes to atheism and most other subjects, I prefer my content written. I have little interest in watching video clips or listening to podcasts. I recognize that this is unusual and that I'm likely missing out as more atheists give up blogging and move to YouTube. But that's okay. I do not feel the need to chase every trend, and this is one I'm content to miss out on.

Atheist blogging has likely peaked, and I'll be sad to see it continue to decline; however, change is inevitable. It looks like more atheists are taking their content to YouTube, and I suspect that is smart of them since that is where the audience appears to be. Perhaps they'll even be able to reach people who would not have been reached otherwise. Just because YouTube is not for me does not mean I don't hope the atheists using it succeed in their efforts.