Easter on April Fools' Day

April foolI'm not crazy about this whole Easter falling on April 1 thing this year. It seems like many atheists are taking great pleasure in the two holidays coinciding, and it is not difficult to understand why. Still, I find that both days usually have something different to offer and that it is fun to have both.

April Fools' Day is, of course, the primary occasion where many ignorant Christians take to social media to quote Psalm 14:1-3 at atheists. Many seem to derive such joy from this bizarre practice that is is almost as if they've spent the entire year looking forward to it. And however atheists might choose to respond, little seems to detract from the enjoyment these Christians find in insulting those of us who do not go along with their primitive superstitions. I hate to think that some might forgo this tradition just because it will be also Easter.

For some of us, April Fools' Day is also a good excuse to reflect on skepticism. I like to think of it as a reminder to be more skeptical and not just for one day a year. And if we're going to be honest about it, we might also remember that just because we are probably right on the question of gods does not necessarily mean we are sufficiently skeptical in other matters.

But what about Easter? Well, Easter can be great fun no matter what you believe. It is a good day to marvel at some of the strange things most of our neighbors believe and to share silly memes mocking these beliefs on social media. It also happens to be the conclusion of Zombie Jesus weekend and an excellent opportunity to encounter some cringe-worthy grammar.

With April Fools' Day and Easter falling on the same day this year, we'll just have to pack two days worth of fun into one. And we'll have to do this while keeping our brains safe from Zombie Jesus.