February 24, 2018

For Those Subscribed to Atheist Revolution via Email

There are many ways one can stay on top of all the posts at Atheist Revolution. Some readers prefer to subscribe via email, and this brief post is just for them. In it, I'll explain how this email system works and make a request of those who use it.

First of all, thanks for subscribing! While I do not subscribe to any blogs via email because I far prefer to use an RSS reader, I recognize that some would rather receive email updates. In fact, there are roughly 1,000 of you who appear to have such a preference.

Fortunately, Google's FeedBurner service makes this available by offering RSS-to-email functionality. When you sign up for an email subscription to Atheist Revolution, you are registering with Google's FeedBurner so that you will receive posts from Atheist Revolution in your email account without having to mess with a feed reader. It is important to understand that the emails you receive are entirely automated. Once I write the post, FeedBurner pulls it into the RSS feed and distributes them to email subscribers. So while the email might look like any other email, it is fully automated.

And now for the request I have for those of you using the service. Several of you have been replying to these automatically generated emails, and I rarely see your replies because they go to an email account I check infrequently (often no more than a couple times a month). If you have something you'd like to say, please consider leaving a comment on the blog instead. Doing so has at least two advantages. First, I am far more likely to see it. Second, other readers will be able to see your comment and interact with you too. And so, I hope you'll consider sharing your thoughts in the form of a comment on the blog instead of replying to one of the automatically generated emails.