January 23, 2018

Recycling Old Posts

RecycleRegular readers may have noticed that I've been revising, updating, and re-distributing some old posts lately. I suppose I probably should have said something about this before I started doing it. The reason I didn't was that it wasn't anything I had planned but something I sort of fell into doing without realizing I would be doing so much of it.

It started when I was searching for a couple of old posts with the goal of linking them to something new I was writing. When I found them, I discovered that I'd already written what I was currently writing at least 2-3 times. I wish I could say this is the first time that's happened! Anyway, it occurred to me that I probably didn't need to write the same thing yet again and that it might make more sense to consider improving and updating the old posts.

One of the perks of writing Atheist Revolution since 2005 is that I have quite a few old posts. While many of them are garbage, have little appeal past the date on which they were posted, or deal with things I'm not that interested in these days, I have found some that I thought were worth updating and/or editing. I've been re-distributing most of these on social media without re-posting them here, but there have been some that I thought it made more sense to re-post on the blog. When I re-post something on the blog, that means they look like they are new posts and go out on the RSS feed as if they were new posts.

If you have been curious about why some new posts might have very old comments or contain brief disclaimers about how they have been updated from a previously posted version, that is what I've been doing and why. I'm finding this a nice break from writing new content, and it is something I plan to continue.