January 24, 2018

Aaaaand...That's Why Trump Won

Aaaand that's why Trump won

I did not create the image above. As much as I despise most Internet memes, I'd sure love to be able to take credit for this one. But no, I found it while searching for something else. Anyway, I thought I'd share it because it may come in handy for those of you who use social media. I haven't tested this with a stopwatch yet, but I'd estimate that I can't spend more than 30 seconds on Facebook without finding at least one occasion where it would be appropriate to use.

Just think of some of the things one regularly encounters on social media where this meme would be perfect.
  • Disparaging those who hold different political views
  • Destructive infighting on the left where common goals are ignored and trivial differences are amplified
  • The rigid and inflexible imposition of litmus tests so that virtually no political candidate is deemed acceptable
  • Over-the-top irrationality where one champions discredited narrative over fact
  • Counterproductive use of language to divide (e.g., "mansplaining," "manspreading") 
  • Characterizing criticism of religion as "gross and racist"
Eventually, it would be great to see more of those on the political left who are unhappy with Trump realize that not all ways of expressing opposition to him are equally helpful. Some are counterproductive. Some might even deserve this meme.