December 25, 2017

Taking a Blogging Break

coffee break
I don't believe I have taken a planned break from blogging for more than a few days since October of 2015. And if that's true, it is quite pathetic. I know it is important to take breaks to stay fresh and prevent feeling burned out; however, this has always been a clear case where knowing it and bringing myself to do it are not the same thing. And so, it is time for a break.

In addition to not writing any new posts for awhile, I plan to disconnect from social media for a bit too. The last time I did this, I found it useful. Getting away from the information overload often helps. And besides, I have more than enough content in my Buffer queue to get through a week or two without there being a major drop off in my social media activity.

I expect to be away for at least a week. Hopefully, I'll come back feeling a bit less burned out.

Finally, let me wish a Merry Trumpmas to those of you who are celebrating this year!