December 2, 2017

Most White Evangelical Christians Do Not Believe Trump Committed Crime in Russian Election Meddling

all criticism of Trump is fake news

According to an article by Eugene Scott in The Washington Post, the results of a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll show that 37% of white Catholics in the U.S. do not approve of Mueller's Russia investigation. Scott notes,
But despite the expanding probe, 59 percent of white Catholics — a group that Trump won in the 2016 election — don't believe that the president committed a crime in connection with possible Russian attempt to influence the election.
So, 37% of Catholics disapprove of the investigation, and 59% do not believe Trump committed any sort of crime with regard to Russian meddling in our election. It sounds like a lot of Catholics are still willing to defend the man they elected president.

Sadly, Catholics are not the only group who is sticking with Trump. They do not even appear to be the largest religious group to do so. Scott says that 79% of white evangelical Christians do not believe that Trump committed a crime.

It sounds to me like large numbers of Catholics and evangelical Christians, most of whom voted for Trump, have decided to stand by him no matter what. I think it might be helpful to remember this as we pile on the Christians in Alabama who are standing by Roy Moore no matter what. Alabama may be backward in many ways, but their Christians seem fairly typical in at least this respect.