November 16, 2017

The Continued Support for Roy Moore

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Want some insight into how many evangelical fundamentalist Christians in the South can continue to support Roy Moore even as more allegations surface? Visit Walker Springs Road Baptist Church in Alabama and talk to 83-year-old Don Day. Here's what he thinks of Moore:
He is nothing but a godly man trying to make this country come to its senses because of liberals and the other side of the fence trying to protect their evil ways.
Nothing but a "godly man" who is being persecuted by evil liberals. He doesn't need to say any more than that, does he?

Some of the more bizarre defenses you've heard (e.g., using the "holy" bible to justify Moore's alleged behavior) probably aren't even necessary, especially when the age difference between Moore and his accusers is something that some fundamentalist Christians do not find troubling. For some, he didn't do anything wrong even if the accusations are mostly true.

Moore is one of theirs, a "real Christian." Real Christians don't do bad things, and so Moore is obviously innocent. Everyone who says otherwise must be anti-Christian and thus evil. Everything they say can be disregarded. The women who are accusing him are probably just pawns in the hands of the evil (godless) liberals.