Bragging About Being Blocked on Twitter

Donald Trump "modern day presidential"
I see quite a few people on Twitter bragging about how they were blocked by someone with whom they disagree. Some are so proud of being blocked by assorted "celebrities" (e.g., President Trump, a prominent evangelical Christian pastor) that they include it on their profiles as a badge of honor. It seems to me that these people might be engaging in a bit of mind-reading, assuming they know why the other party blocked them. Based on the content of their tweets, many believe that they were blocked because their argument was too good for the other party.

I'm sure they are correct to believe this in some cases. Perhaps they presented the other party with such an impressive argument that he or she blocked them in defeat. Maybe there was a real back-and-forth, and the other party blocked them because he or she knew that things were going badly. I suppose this could be considered a victory of sorts.

Then again, it seems every bit as likely that the other party blocked them because they were being an annoying douche. I don't see many people entertaining this possibility or bragging about it. But more often than not, a quick perusal of their timeline leads me to believe that this is probably a more common reason for their blocking than anything having to do with the strength of their argument.