September 18, 2017

Opening Up Commenting at Atheist Revolution

Comment icon crystal.png
By Pianopianissimo, Link
Since 2009, readers wanting to leave comments on posts at Atheist Revolution have been required to have an IntenseDebate or account. This change was implemented primarily to reduce comment spam. Once readers got used to it, I rarely heard any complaints.

As of today, I am temporarily lifting this requirement. Why? I received a request to do so, and I'm curious to see if the change will result in an increase in commenting. While the open system is in effect, people can comment from their IntenseDebate and Wordpress accounts but should also be able to do so using their Facebook and Twitter accounts too. And yes, I'm also curious to see whether this change will produce a noticeable increase in comment spam. If it does, we'll return to requiring IntenseDebate or Wordpress accounts.