May 19, 2017

Who is Responsible for the Negative Media Coverage of Trump?

Let's Talk About WhiningBelieve it or not, my Trump fatigue has subsided a bit. With virtually all the news in the last couple weeks being Trump-related, I wouldn't have guessed it either. My second wind probably won't last long, but I'll ride it out for now.

President Trump has been doing an awful lot of whining lately about the mainstream news media being mean to him. I guess this is nothing new. It was a central feature of his presidential campaign. It does seem to have intensified recently though.

Given his near-constant and over-the-top criticism of the news media since he started his campaign and the incompetence he has demonstrated in office so far, I have to wonder why he would expect anything different. Does he really think reporters will ignore all the evidence in front of them and pander to his ego? Not even Fox News seems to be doing that, at least not consistently.

Media coverage of Trump is going to be primarily negative, at least in part, because he keeps screwing up and pushing unpopular policies. It wouldn't surprise me if it was also primarily negative because of the degree to which he has deliberately antagonized so many of the reporters who have to cover him. Instead of continuing to whine, maybe it is time for him to do something positive for the middle class. That just might bring him some positive coverage.

My guess is that Trump's whining is aimed squarely at his supporters. But even they have to be getting tired of it, don't they? Sure, Trump is hardly the only conservative personality to use the anti-media routine. It has become a core aspect of the right-wing narrative. Still, most of those who do it well manage to do it in a manner that doesn't come across as quite so fragile and whiny. It is hard to imagine that Trump's whining is going to engender much sympathy.