May 21, 2017

No Politician in History

I imagine most of you have already seen this image countless times, but I couldn't resist sharing it. The quote is yet another in a long series of "Trumpisms" from our president, complete with his characteristically oblivious narcissism and overly sensitive whining about the mainstream news media being mean to him. Poor snowflake!

When I think about some of the reasons Trump supporters gave for why they supported him prior to the election, a couple of those that stood out were his strength of will and tell-it-like-it-is approach. Maybe this isn't entirely fair, but it seems like the constant whining about the news media seems tough to reconcile with those impressions. Are his feelings that easily hurt? Of course, the recent images coming out of Saudi Arabia of Trump bowing before a Muslim king are probably even harder to stomach (or was this only a problem when President Obama did it?).