The Left is Helping Trump

Tea Party tax day protest 2010

Who's helping Trump? Certainly not you! Or maybe you have been helping Trump without realizing it. In fact, maybe some of the specific things you have been doing to oppose and resist Trump have actually been helping him. Wouldn't that be something?

Dr. Jerry Coyne (Why Evolution is True) wrote a thought-provoking post, "Does demonizing Trump supporters help the Left?" in which he takes a look at the question of whether some of what the left has been doing is actually helping our new president instead of advancing their agenda. He also links to a New York Times article by Sabrina Tavernise asking the same question. Both Dr. Coyne's post and Tavernise's article are worth reading.

Dr. Coyne concludes his post with the following:
It’s time that angry liberals stop calling every Republican a misogynist, a Nazi, or a white supremacist. On left-wing websites everywhere, these terms are being dispensed like gumballs from a machine. If we really want to take back the country, we have to deal with issues. Name-calling may make us feel good, but it’s not going to change the country. Buckling down and working for your ideas may not succeed, either, for the three branches of government are all moving rightward. But political action has a better chance of succeeding than does slander.
I think he's right. I suspect that some of the name-calling and demonization of Trump supporters has been counterproductive. I understand that some on the left have decided that the best way to oppose President Trump is to utilize the same tactics the Tea Party used against President Obama. Even if we agree with this approach, I am not convinced that we must incorporate the worst aspects of how they behaved.