Happy (End) St. Patrick's Day

I used to think I was reasonably good at not falling victim to Poe's law in that I could usually tell the difference between genuine content from a sincere author with extreme views (e.g., a Christian extremist) and content designed to mock extreme views (e.g., an atheist creating an account to mimic Christian extremists). I'm sure I was never as skilled at this as I thought I was, and I've likely fallen victim to it on multiple occasions.

When it comes to social justice warriors and the many social media accounts that now exist to parody them, I readily admit having a hard time telling the difference. When I see content like this, I immediately think, "That has to be a joke." I then find myself thinking that it might not be. I mean, with all the outrage over cultural appropriation related to food and Halloween costumes, this sort of thing seems less far-fetched than it might otherwise.

If I had to guess, I'd guess that this particular Twitter account is a Poe. I'm basing that almost entirely on another tweet I saw in which the author responded to the allegation that this was a joke by insisting that it wasn't. I thought that seemed more Poe-like somehow. But in the end, I have to admit that I can't be sure. And in truth, I'm not sure it really matters. Real or fake, it is entertaining.

In any case, happy St. Patrick's Day!