But Insults Aren't Funny When They Are Aimed At Me

But insults aren't funny when they are aimed at me!

When someone makes a career out of insulting others, whether he or she is a comedian, an actor, an author, a blogger, or whatever else, there is always a risk that they will eventually get around to insulting you or one of the groups with which you identify (for countless examples of this being done effectively, see South Park). If this happens, outrage is a tempting reaction.

Should you find yourself feeling outraged in such a situation, I'd encourage you to consider something that might not have occurred to you:

If it was previously okay for this person to insult those with whom you disagree (e.g., your political opponents, religious believers, others you dislike for some reason) and if you laughed along with them as they did so, your outrage now might be just a bit hypocritical.

Perhaps, and I'm just throwing this out there for your consideration, the problem is not that this person is now insulting you or a group with which you identify. Perhaps the problem is that they have made a career out of insulting people and you have helped to make this possible. I am not suggesting that is necessarily a bad thing. I am merely noting that insulting others and laughing about it might not be something you should support unless you are willing to take your turn as the target of the insults.