January 17, 2017

Demons Licking My Face and Other Missed Emails

I just discovered that a number of legitimate emails received through the contact form I use here at Atheist Revolution have been routed to my junk folder. This is a problem because I check the junk folder even less often than I check my inbox, and I am bad enough about remembering to check my inbox. I'm not sure why this is happening, and I haven't figured out how to fix it yet. I've been completely unaware that some visitors have been trying to reach me.

Here is an example of one such email that I missed (spelling errors and odd capitalization left in tact for your enjoyment):
Evil spirit, I bind you in the Name of Jesus Christ, and command you to go to the foot of the cross. If you Don't beleive, Research people's accounts with Satan. I am just a person who spent time with him. Crossed over eventually. Not that I ever doubted Gods existence. Just hated him. Look. It doesn't matter what you beleive is moral or immoral about God. Yes. God was vengeful and scary at many points. The point is, you will have to face that force. In the end. Lord, I ask that you send demons to visit this person. When they are licking your face and strangling you, you may need Jesus to save your ass.
I love how I need this god to save me from monsters created by...this god. I hate that I have been deprived of this sort of thing because I cannot figure out how to effectively tame the automated junk filtering.

But in all seriousness, I have missed some worthwhile emails too. One visitor has complained a couple of times about the nature of the comment section here, initially comparing it to YouTube. Yikes! That is no good. He mentioned that he's left comments a few times and received nothing but silly replies. I can't say I've noticed the worsening trend he described, but I certainly could have missed some instances of it. I see most of the comments, but I am sure I miss some. In any case, I think silly is probably okay and doesn't sound like something that would violate the comment policy. People visit blogs for different reasons and have different means of communicating. Writing thought-provoking comments that advance the dialogue around a post in meaningful ways is often difficult. At least, it is for me.

I don't like email. I use it so much for work that it is one of the last things I feel like doing when I am not at work. I have little interest in readers emailing me their thoughts instead of commenting on the blog. When they do that, nobody else gets to benefit from what they have to say. And clearly, it is possible that nobody (myself included) is even seeing what they write. Despite multiple requests that they do not do so, a few of those who subscribe to Atheist Revolution via email continue to reply to these emails with their thoughts on particular posts. I rarely read these emails and continue to encourage those doing this to comment on the blog instead.