November 12, 2016

The Anti-Trump Protests

14 April 2016 - Trump NYC protestI support the right of all Americans to engage in non-violent protest, and this extends to those who are protesting the election of President Trump. I admit that I am not sure what they are hoping to accomplish with these protests. The election is over, and I don't see the outcome changing at this point. Maybe they aren't trying to accomplish anything and are merely venting their frustration. I think that's fine, and I support their right to do so. Plenty of people are upset about this election. Let 'em vent.

The mainstream news media has recently been praising the U.S. for being a country in which we have peaceful transfers of power. They are right to do so. This is indeed a good thing and something of which we should be proud. Similarly, we are a country where citizens are free to protest. This is also a good thing and something else of which we should be proud.

It does not matter whether I understand the aims of a protest or agree with the intent behind it. As long as it remains peaceful and does not seriously interfere with others (e.g., blocking traffic so that emergency vehicles cannot pass), I am inclined to support the right of the protestors to protest as they see fit. Preserving this freedom is essential.