November 19, 2016

Are Safety Pins Poised to Make Comeback?

punk's not deadI, for one, think it is fantastic that some liberals have apparently decided that they are going to wear safety pins when out in public to communicate something to somebody who will probably have no idea what is being communicated. I miss the punk look, and I'd like to see it come back, safety pins and all.

It sounds like the safety pin thing is intended to be some sort of post-election protest. Much like punk itself, the recent safety pin craze appears to have started in the UK after Brexit. Some see it as a public sign that one will stand up against the sort of violence they expect to encounter from emboldened Trump supporters, albeit an extremely subtle and easy to conceal one.

But since we are living in an era of outrage, it should surprise no one that safety pins are also being described as, "...the most divisive object in post-election United States right now..." More divisive than a Starbucks holiday cup? Damn! That is really saying something.

Personally, I'll applaud anybody who decides to wear a safety pin no matter what they'd like it to mean. But where one is nice, more is definitely better. And bring back the biker jackets and spiky hair too please.