October 10, 2016

Quick Thoughts on the Second Presidential Debate

Donald Trump

No time for a full post this morning, but I still want to share my thoughts on last night's shitshow - I mean presidential debate. Here are a few quick thoughts:
  1. Donald Trump scored more points vs. Hillary Clinton than he did during the first debate, hitting her on the usual set of Republican attacks, as well as a few that would have made Alex Jones and his lizard people proud. Unfortunately for him, I expect the attacks on Bill Clinton, refusal to issue a sincere apology for his 2005 comments, and comment about how he will incarcerate Clinton if he wins the election undermined at least some of his case against Clinton. Still, I expect that many Republicans will be pleased with much of what he threw at Clinton.
  2. Trump managed to accomplish something remarkable during this debate that I did not think was possible: he managed to come across even worse (i.e., less presidential and more of a spoiled child who is thoroughly incurious about the world around him) than he had in the first debate. Mike Pence said he was praying for Trump ahead of the debate. I fear he may have prayed to the wrong god. I'm not sure how it could be any clearer to the American voters that Trump is historically ill-suited for the presidency.
  3. Clinton may not have been quite as sharp as she was during the first debate, but she didn't need to be. She had some strong moments, and she did a decent job of not sinking to Trump's level, managing to extract herself reasonably well when she did so. She performed well enough to take another win over Trump.
  4. The more I watched, the more I found myself wondering how we reached the point where we, or at least a majority of our fellow citizens, are going to elect one of these two people as our president. Neither seems like what most of us say we want in a president, and the sense that we have been manipulated into choosing between these two is palpable.
What did you think? Are you are as ready for this embarrassing chapter in U.S. history to be over as I am?