October 23, 2016

Not Every Post Will Be Exactly What You Are Looking For

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I realize this isn't going to surprise anybody, but I am a fan of the atheist blogosphere. Even if I can no longer justify spending as much time as I used to spend reading atheist blogs, it continues to be something I enjoy when I can. There are so many talented atheists out there these days writing interesting things that it really does seem like there is something for everyone. And if any particular atheist were to find that his or her voice is not being accurately reflected in the atheist blogosphere, we just might see a new blog emerge.

With all the atheist blogs now available, I have to admit that I am surprised to periodically encounter visitors complaining about some of the topics I address here. It is one thing to say that one would like to see more on various topics, but some actually seem upset that I would write a post about a particular subject. I find myself wondering if they realize that nobody is forcing them to read Atheist Revolution. There are many other blogs out there, some of which are surely addressing different subjects. If they aren't finding what they want here, there have to be places where they could find it.

In response to one recent post, a visitor to Atheist Revolution's Google+ page suggested, "Let's move on to an important political topic, shall we?" The important political topic this visitor had in mind seemed to be bashing Hillary Clinton. Fair enough. To be clear, I take no issue with anyone who finds posts like that one to be trivial, uninteresting, or annoyingly off-topic. Those are all legitimate reactions, and I can appreciate them. I am bound to write posts from time-to-time that virtually anyone will find less than worthwhile. Hell, I have written more than I few posts over the years that I don't find worth much today!

The thing is, I write about what I am interested in at the moment without putting much thought into what will appeal to various groups of readers. Part of this has to do with my motives for writing, and part of it has to do with my suspicion that my readers are fairly diverse with regard to their political opinions. That is, it would be almost impossible to cater to most readers even if I wanted to do so.

It is not that I am oblivious to or uninterested in what my readers think; this is not the case. I enjoy hearing from readers, which is why there is a mechanism for leaving comments. It is just that I realize that the only way I can maintain this blog over time is to write about what I want to write about without worrying too much about whether any particular reader is going to approve of what I write.