September 9, 2016

Posting Less Often


I love the feeling of sitting down in front of my computer and seeing the words pour out on the screen as quickly as I can hit the keys. I can't claim that this was ever a common experience, but it was one that used to happen much more often than it has recently. Many of the posts that have appeared here over the years were like that. Writing has required more effort lately, and I'm not entirely sure why. I find myself starting and stopping posts more often. What's worse, it seems like I've been spending as much time editing, linking, messing around with photos, and other blog-related nonsense as I have on writing. What often seemed effortless no longer seems that way. The inspiration seems to less consistent. I feel burned out.

Due to a convergence of factors with which I will not bore you, I have found myself giving some thought to how I will know when it is time to wind down Atheist Revolution. I've told myself repeatedly that I'll know when it is time to stop blogging because it will no longer be any fun. I'm not there yet. It is still fun much of the time even though I have to admit that it has not been as much fun lately as it once was. I have a few hunches as to why that might be, but nothing I'm sure of just yet. I am not planning to end Atheist Revolution; however, I will be making some changes. The first of these is that I am planning to reduce my posting frequency.

My best guess as to what this will look like is that I'll go down to an average of 1 post per week. I expect that there will be weeks where I post 2-3 times and weeks where I don't post at all. Still, I am reluctant to set specific goals with regard to post numbers. I've tried that many times in the past, and it never seems to work out. I inevitably end up posting more than whatever number I set, and whatever reduction I might accomplish is short-lived.

What I am going to try this time is to attempt to write only when I feel like doing so. That is, I am going to try not to push myself to write merely because it as been a while since I last did so. I also plan to experiment with writing more short posts. By giving myself greater flexibility and trying some new things, I hope to reconnect with some of what I enjoy about blogging.

I have gradually allowed blogging to become less fun and more akin to work. This is a problem because I already have a job, and it is a problem because I find myself devoting time on blogging that I really need to be putting elsewhere. Blogging needs to be fun, or I am not going to do it. So the challenge before me now is to rediscover what drew me to blogging in the first place and see if I can once again find the spark that makes it all worthwhile.

With the decreased posting frequency, now would be a good time to subscribe to Atheist Revolution if you have not already done so. That will make sure you don't miss anything, even if the posts do become a bit more sporadic.