Post Number 4,000

I have been writing Atheist Revolution since February of 2005, celebrating my 10 year anniversary in 2015. That seems like a long time to write a blog. I just noticed that I have posted 3,999 posts in that time, making the post you are now reading number 4,000. I know 5,000 would have been a much more impressive milestone, but that is going to take me awhile to reach. And besides, I almost didn't even notice this one.

Some of the things we celebrate are pretty silly (e.g., birthdays, assorted Christian holidays stolen from the pagans and Jesused-up). I suppose anniversaries might fit here too, although they've always made a bit more sense to me. They give us an excuse to look back and take stock over what has happened since whatever date we are noting. That can be a worthwhile experience, at least some of the time.

The number of blog posts I've written is an even stranger thing because I'm not even sure whether to celebrate it. You see, I have no frame of reference. I don't know if 4,000 posts in this time frame is low, average, or high. I have no idea at all. I can also be reasonably confident that at least 1,000 of these posts were utter garbage and that I'd find them embarrassing today. Now that I think about it, that number is probably greater than 1,000. So like I said, it isn't clear whether this is something I should even feel good about.

In any case, it will be interesting to see whether I manage to write another 4,000 posts and if so, how long it takes me. It is hard to imagine getting through another 4,000. Then again, it is almost impossible to think that I've been at this for more than 10 years.

And while I'm on the subject of numbers, dates, years, and that sort of thing, let me just point out that getting older really sucks. I hate the fact that my body can't handle what used to be no big deal. A few minutes after mopping a tile floor yesterday, I stupidly forgot it was wet and took a step on to it while walking quickly in old shoes with no tread left and my hands full. One leg immediately shot out in front of me, and for a brief moment, I was doing the splits before going down hard. Now everything hurts. I swear this would have been nothing when I was younger. Had it not been for my extensive stretching regimen to improve my flexibility for manspreading, I think I might still be laying on a wet floor.