September 11, 2016

Atheist Blogging on Sunday Morning

Going back to the early days of Atheist Revolution, writing posts on Sunday morning has been a part of my routine. There was little intent behind it initially; Sunday mornings just happened to be when I could almost always count on having a few minutes of free time. I would not always post what I wrote on Sundays, but I would usually write on Sunday mornings.

Over time, this part of my routine gradually became more intentional. It became something I would look forward to. I drew inspiration from the parade of well-dressed Christians passing by my window on their way to the Southern Baptist churches that dot the landscape. I felt better every time I saw them because their presence would remind me that I no longer had to do what they are doing. The days of my being forced to attend church against my will are long gone, and that knowledge always put a smile on my face. I could actually feel my mood improve.

In the Spring of 2015, I realized that I seemed to have lost this more intentional part of my routine. It had happened so gradually, I hadn't noticed it. I found that I was not only less likely to write on Sunday mornings but when I did, it was not been with the sort of intent I described above. I made an effort to rediscover this valued part of my routine, and I was successful for a time. Unfortunately, I have gotten away from it once again. Having realized this, I am now determined to get it back again and hopefully in a more enduring way.

In 2015, I thought the solution was mostly to get back to writing every Sunday morning. I recognize now that I'm unlikely to have as many opportunities to write on Sunday mornings as I once did. As part of my new plan to not push myself to write when I'm not feeling particularly inspired, I will not make an effort to do it every Sunday. What I will do is try to be more mindful about my Sunday morning writing when I do have the chance to do it.

As I look out my window this morning at the passing SUVs loaded up with uncomfortable-looking Christian families, I do feel a sense of relief that I'm not joining them. This still puts a smile on my face. But on this particular morning, it also occurs to me that I see very little evidence of the widely reported declines in Christianity here in Mississippi. It is not that I doubt the validity of these reports. I am sure something like this is happening in many places. I'm just not seeing much evidence here that evangelical fundamentalist Christianity is losing its grip on my neighbors.