August 3, 2016

My Results From

Hard Choices by Hillary ClintonI just completed the political survey at again. I last took it at the beginning of the primary season. I took it again to see which of the remaining presidential candidates I most closely matched with, as I was particularly interested in seeing how I would fit with Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton. When I took it previously, my best match was with Bernie Sanders, followed by Clinton; however, Stein was not included at the time. So I completed the entire survey again, including all the optional questions.

Here are my results:
  • Jill Stein - 97%
  • Hillary Clinton - 93%
  • Gary Johnson - 80%
  • Donald Trump - 36%
I found nothing particularly surprising about those results. From what I can remember about the first time I completed the survey, I believe my match with Clinton was quite a bit higher this time. I suppose this makes sense given that her stated positions on many issues have changed since I first took it. She's claiming to be far more progressive on many issues now, so it makes sense that the match would be higher.

The Stein vs. Clinton comparison is the one in which I was most interested. I would not seriously consider voting for Gary Johnson (far too conservative on economic issues) or Donald Trump (unfit to lead in times of crisis). Between Clinton and Stein, the results showed me some interesting differences. I fit with Stein better on healthcare, domestic policy, foreign policy, social issues, environmental issues, and the economy. On the other hand, I fit with Clinton better on science, education, and crime.

So who am I going to vote for in November? It will be either Stein or Clinton, but I'm not sure which one yet. What I am sure of is that there is no such thing as a perfect candidate. There are some important issues with which I strongly disagree with Clinton, and there are some important issues with which I strongly disagree with Stein. This has been the case in every presidential election I have voted in, and I am reasonably confident that it will continue to be the case in every future presidential election.