August 20, 2016

Best Thing I've Seen on YouTube

Okay, so the video below is probably not the best thing I've ever seen on YouTube. I think that particular honor still belongs to Phil Davison. Still, this video from Dave Rubin explaining who he plans to support in the 2016 general election and why is the best thing I've seen on YouTube in a long time. And here's the real shocker: I say that even though I disagree with his choice of candidate. Yep, that's right. I think this is a fantastic video that is well worth watching even though I will likely support a different candidate.

I know I'm supposed to demonize anyone who supports a candidate besides the one I will likely support. I'm supposed to use their choice of candidate to attack their morality, insisting that anyone who votes for someone other than my preferred choice is basically evil. And if they don't come around soon, I'm supposed to cut myself off from interacting with them. This strikes me as thoroughly ridiculous, inconsistent with freethought, and not something I will be doing.

If I were to watch this video and find myself agreeing with almost everything said until the very end (which was the case) and then shit on the video because I did not reach the same conclusion (which was the case), I'd be making a serious mistake. I respect Dave Rubin and enjoy hearing what he has to say. The fact that I do not always agree with him does not undermine this in the least; in fact, I daresay it is part of what I find appealing.