May 24, 2016

Political Correctness, Identity Politics, SJWs, and the Regressive Left: Resources on Reddit and Voat

Rocks at Otley Chevin
Rocks at Otley Chevin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
With more and more people on both the political left and the political right tiring of political correctness, identity politics, social justice warriors, authoritarianism, and the regressive left, online communities are forming. People with similar opinions on these issues have been finding one another, sharing information, and discovering that they are not alone. Some communities have developed around outspoken personalities (e.g., Dave Rubin, Steven Crowder, Milo Yiannopoulos), but many others have seemed to form more organically. Some people are mostly just curious and want to learn more about these topics; others are fed up and want to find effective ways to defend the free expression of ideas.

Reddit and Voat are popular link aggregator sites where communities develop in the form of subreddits and subverses, respectively. Users share relevant links with others, and everyone benefits from discovering content they might have otherwise missed. Not surprisingly, both sites now have some areas where interested users can find and share links related to the topics mentioned above and discuss them.

I thought it might be useful to share the relevant subreddits and subverses I have found so far. If a concise description of the focus was provided by the moderators, I have provided at least some of it next to each link below.


  • TrueLeft ("a clearinghouse for progressives to share information challenging the rising tide of the regressive left")
  • FreeAtheism ("free expression and transparency with minimal moderation...a safe haven for atheists, and people with questions about atheism-related topics, to express themselves as they choose")
  • SocialJusticeinAction ("This subreddit's mission is to discuss, engage with, and thwart this hate group")
  • AgainstAtheismPlus ("...questions, discussion posts, links and arguments about...Atheism Plus's positions to bring attention to their often thinly veiled bigotry, prejudice, absurdity and incoherence")
  • Regressive_Left


  • Manspreading ("This subverse will focus on the broad subject of outrage culture...If you are tired of political correctness, social justice warriors, and those who elevate their own feelings above reality, this is the subverse for you")
  • ClassicalLiberal ("...for the discussion of topics without politics getting in the way")
  • antiSJW ("A community for those against the institutionalized racism/sexism of SJWs")
  • SocialJusticeWatch ("Posts about SJWs on Voat, people making excuses for 'oppressed' groups, infestations on other sites, white knights, tokenizing, shoehorning of stereotypes, false attempts at 'diversity', and news reports on the subject are all welcome here")
  • RegressiveLeft
This is not a comprehensive list by any means. If I forgot one you think should be added, let me know in the comments. I would be happy to know of additional resources and update the post to include them.