Election Fatigue Setting In

2008 Democratic Primary Results
2008 Democratic Primary Results (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
While watching the recent Democratic debate from Brooklyn, I found myself realizing that the more I hear from these two candidates, the less I like either of them. I can find plenty of things to like about both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton; however, the more I see them on the debate stage (or in town halls and interviews), the more evident their respective weaknesses appear to be. The more exposure I have to both, the less enthusiastic I feel about either serving as our president. I do believe election fatigue is finally starting to set in. And it is only April.

I think back to a post I wrote in September of 2015 shortly after the first two Republican presidential debates. I noted that I was disappointed that this crop of candidates was the best the Republican party had to offer and that it was difficult to imagine any of the candidates on those stages in the White House. I wondered whether the Democrats would do any better once they started holding debates.

For a while, I thought they did. While I would still prefer Sanders or Clinton over any of the remaining Republican candidates, I do not consider either of them to be an ideal candidate or even close to it. I still think that Clinton will be the Democratic nominee, and I still believe that she may struggle to bring many Sanders supporters on board. If I lived in a swing state, I suppose I'd probably end up reluctantly voting for her. Since I don't live in a swing state, it is fairly difficult to imagine doing so if I have a third party candidate on the ballot.

Anybody else finding themselves feeling less than thrilled about the general election ahead? It is hard to imagine this going on until November.