March 21, 2016

Ted Cruz is a Christian Extremist

Ted Cruz speaking at CPAC
Ted Cruz speaking at CPAC on February 10, 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Many of us on the political left are less than thrilled by the prospect of our country electing Donald Trump as our next president. This is certainly understandable, and there are many reasons to oppose a Trump presidency that have nothing to do with the often overblown rhetoric aimed at demonizing him and those who support him. But as far as this atheist is concerned, Ted Cruz is even more worrisome prospect than Trump. After all, Ted Cruz is a Christian extremist.

We can only speculate about what a President Trump would be like. He's been so wildly unpredictable that it is tough to know how he would govern. If his history is any indication, he'd likely be far more liberal, open to compromise, and willing to work across the aisle than any of the other Republican presidential candidates who have campaigned in 2016. If his campaign rhetoric is any indication, he'd be more conservative than some and far more prone to insulting world leaders than most.

Part of what makes a Trump presidency concerning to both Democrats and Republicans is this unpredictability. On the other hand, I think we know exactly what we would be getting with a President Cruz: a Christian extremist.

Is it fair to characterize Cruz as a Christian extremist? Consider the following:
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While we have heard a great deal from the mainstream news media about the possible dangers posed by Trump and his supporters, we have heard relatively little about Cruz and his supporters. This strikes me as more evidence of our news media's reluctance to acknowledge the problem of Christian extremism. I continue to find this unfortunate. Voters need to know what they would be getting with Cruz.