February 13, 2016

Outrage Culture: Continuing the Discussion on Voat

Outrage Austrian Death MetalInterested in keeping up with outrage culture and related subjects like political correctness, social justice warriors, the regressive left, and others who aim to suppress the free expression of ideas to protect people from the horror of experiencing hurt feelings or because their various sensitivities have been "triggered?" If so, I've set up a subverse on Voat.co you may enjoy. You can find it at /v/manspreading.

I named the subverse after what is undeniably the most important issue of our time (i.e., manspreading). Why? Because photographing men's crotches without their consent and sharing the photos on Twitter to publicly shame them strikes me as the perfect symbol of outrage culture and a particularly toxic form of social justice warriorism that alienates potential allies and undermines many the goals those who do this sort of thing claim to be pursuing.

The subverse has been up and running for awhile, but I wanted to hold off on promoting it until things had stabilized a bit at Voat.co. It was quite buggy for awhile, but they seem to have worked out most of the issues.

Not familiar with Voat.co? If you have ever used Reddit, you'll feel right at home on Voat. It is similar in functionality to Reddit but aims to be more of a free speech platform. You'll hear from some less-than-reputable sources about how awful it is. One can certainly find objectionable content there; however, there are plenty of good things happening too, including subverses focused on atheism, freethought, skepticism, critical thinking, and free speech to name a few.