September 5, 2015

Writing a Short Post Was Surprisingly Fun

English: Screenshot of the short film "Mi...
Screenshot of the short film "Milgram". (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Last November, I wrote a short post called "What Happened to the Short Posts?" in which I lamented the fact that I rarely seem to write short posts anymore like I used to in the early days of Atheist Revolution. I said that I wasn't sure why I had gotten away from this format and indicated that I planned to utilize it more often, especially when time was at a premium.

I seemed to forget all about this post almost immediately after writing it. At least, it sure looks that way given that I have written few short posts (i.e., posts around 3-4 paragraphs in length) in the last year. It suddenly came back to me yesterday as I wrote a very short post about the shaming of Kim Davis. Although that post felt strange to write because it was so short, it was also quite satisfying to realize that I said what I wanted to say and nothing more.

There is something nice about hitting a topic briefly and moving on. It really is something I should do more often. I'm sure I will continue to write long posts when I want to work through complicated subjects and when I find myself feeling conflicted about various issues. I'd also like to do a better job of mixing in more of the shorter posts. Some subjects worth writing about aren't terribly complicated, and I'm certainly not conflicted on every issue.

Trying to say more with fewer words would be good for me. Last November, I thought writing more short posts would be as easy as giving myself permission to do so. Since it wasn't, I think I'll now make more of a conscious effort.