September 28, 2015

Welcome to the End Times!

end times

There was no "super blood moon" for me last night. It was obviously out there somewhere, but I did not get to see any trace of it due to the clouds. I am well aware that there are photos of it all over the Internet, but these hold little interest for me. I wanted to see it myself. I was even hoping to try my hand at photographing it. Looking at someone else's photos just isn't the same. I went to bed feeling disappointed.

According to some Christians and some Mormons (who may or may not be considered Christians depending on who one asks), the blood moon signifies that we are now officially living in the end times. The apocalypse is underway. I guess that puts my disappointment into perspective. Missing an interesting moon pales in comparison to facing the end of the world. But at least we should be able to look forward to there being some peace in the Middle East for a change. I guess that's something.

Don't believe in prophecy or signs? How about's a quote attributed to Pastor John Hagee (you remember him, don't you) in an article from this morning's Daily Express (London):
The trump of God shall sound in the heavens, Christ shall rise and we which remain and survive will be caught up in the twinkling of an eye, woosh, we're out of here.
So what? Now "trump" might just be a typo that was supposed to be "trumpet," but I don't think so. I think it was another sign. Specifically, I think the "trump of God" was a reference to the next president of the United States: Donald Trump. Starting to believe in that apocalypse now, aren't you? Sadly, I have neither the time nor the skill to Photoshop Trump's hair onto a good photo of last night's moon.