July 5, 2015

Christian Terrorist Freed

Remember the story of Robert Rankin Doggart? He was the former candidate for Congress in Tennessee's 4th District who admitted "plotting the annihilation of a Muslim village in New York" and was looking at up to five years in prison after he pleading guilty to interstate communication of threats. When this story broke back in May, many of us commented how surprising it was that Doggart was permitted to bond out while awaiting sentencing when a Muslim with similar evidence against him almost certainly would not have been allowed to do so. Others noted how unusual it was that the FBI remained silent about the case, as they typically publicize successful efforts to thwart terrorist attacks.

It now appears that Doggart has been allowed to go free after a federal judge decided that he was not enough of a threat to justify keeping him behind bars. Try as I might, I am having a very difficult time imagining a judge reaching the same conclusion with the same evidence had Doggart been a Muslim. I recognize that appearances can be misleading, but this appears to be a double-standard. It is almost as if it is not terrorism when Christians do it.

Update: It sounds like Doggart has now been indicted by a federal grand jury for soliciting another party to violate federal civil rights laws related to his alleged plan. The FBI is investigating, and a conviction could result in up to 10 years in prison.

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